Physio & Sports Injury Clinic


Himmat Dhillon                           

Director, APA Sports Physiotherapist (Titled)


  • Master in Advanced Clinical Sports Physiotherapy

  • Master in Clinical Rehabilitation

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • Diploma in Football Medicine (FIFA)

  • Certificate in Sports and Injury Prevention (FC Barcelona)


  • Member Australian Physiotherapy Association

  • Titled Member Sports Physiotherapy Australia

  • Member Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia

  • Member Sports Medicine Australia

  • Member Football Medicine and Performance Association (FMPA) UK

  • Life Member Indian Association of Sports Medicine

  • Life Member Indian Association of Physiotherapist

Himmat completed his undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy from India in 2010 and double postgraduate degrees in Advance Rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapy from Adelaide, Australia in 2015 & 2016.  He has been involved in clinical and academic work in India, Singapore and Australia for the past 8 years, having worked in association with some of the top orthopedic surgeons and senior physiotherapists of the respective countries. In 2016 the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) granted him the title of ‘Sports Physiotherapist’, a recognition the APA awards for excellence in the sub specialty of sports physiotherapy.

In India Himmat worked as one of three clinicians in the outpatient physiotherapy department of a multispecialty hospital in Chandigarh, Northern India where he primarily attended to orthopedic surgery rehabilitation, sports injury management and prevention. He was also the primary sports injury contact for local sporting organizations including cricket, tennis, golf and football.

Himmat relocated to Adelaide, Australia in 2014 where he completed his Masters in Clinical Rehabilitation (2015) and Masters in Advanced Sports Physiotherapy (2016). During his study in Australia, he undertook a part time role with the Royal Adelaide Hospital and worked alongside some of Adelaide’s top orthopedic, neurological and cardiothoracic physiotherapists. Although highly experienced in various aspects of physiotherapy management, he has special interests in prevention and management of sports injuries, particularly management of lower limb (Hip, Knee & Ankle) and shoulder injuries. He uses a variety of scientific, evidence based interventions to ensure that his patients have an effective and smooth transition back to work or sports with a reduced risk of re-injury. 

In addition to clinical physiotherapy practice, Himmat has also been employed with the World Anti-Doping Association, where for three years he worked as part of a team that monitored the use on performance enhancing substances in elite cricketers in the highly popular Indian Premier League (IPL). 


  • Nunawading Football Club, National Premiere League, Melbourne- Head Physiotherapist (2018)

  • Berwick City Football Club, Men’s State League, Melbourne - Team Physiotherapist (2017)

  • Bulleen Lions Football Club, National Premier League, Melbourne - Physiotherapist (2017)

  • Talent and Development, Football Federation Victoria, Melbourne - Physiotherapist (2017)

  • Happy Valley Football Club, Adelaide - Physiotherapist (2016)

  • University of Adelaide Football Club, South Australia - Team Physiotherapist (2014)

  • Indian Premier League (IPL) - World Anti Doping Agency - Dope Control Officer (2011, 2012 & 2013)



In addition to Himmat’s clinical interests, he has a keen academic interest in the field of sports medicine & rehabilitation which helps him keep up to date with the latest treatment interventions. Over the past decade Himmat has had over 17 publications in medical journals and has contributed 2 chapters on injury rehabilitation in textbooks related to Orthopedic Surgery.