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Following a car, truck or motorcycle accident, wee can be entitled to physiotherapy treatment provided that the TAC (Transport Accident Commision) has approved your claim. Accidents in which there is an acceleration/deceleration can lead to what is commonly known as whiplash. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and wish to claim your treatment through the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) you will need to provide written confirmation from the TAC that your claim has been approved including your TAC Claim Number and Accident Date. It is also recommended to mention the name of your case manager as we will need to communicate with them during the process. In many instances, you need treatment before your insurer approves your claim but we can treat patients before the claim is processed by your insurer. However, you will need to pay the fee for the physiotherapy treatments. Once your insurer approves your claim, they can reimburse you for the physiotherapy fees. 

Documentation you need to bring to the appointment:

·      A current medical certificate from your GP

·      An approved claim number. 

If your insurer has NOT approved your claim, you will have to pay for physiotherapy services.

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