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Remedial Massage

Remedial & Sports Massage


Remedial & Sports Massage

Remedial massage is a form of massage therapy that helps to relieve pain and promote healing of dysfunctional or painful muscles. Remedial massage differs from the type you get in a regular masseur as it is a treatment that is aimed at the source of your problem and heals the cause and the symptoms. Various special techniques are used that promote the body’s own healing mechanism to bring about healing. Additionally, it stimulates the blood supply, helping it to remove toxins from the muscles and thereby bringing about pain relief. It helps to ease stiffness and soreness and promote deep relaxation by reducing muscle tension. It promotes flexibility and ease of movement. Sports massage is a deeper massage that is used to get rid of trigger points and increase blood flow.

In general remedial massage and massage therapy can provide the following benefits:

  •  A feeling of well being by relieving stress and anxiety

  • Improve the health and nourishment of the skin

  • Promote faster healing of soft tissue injury and decrease pain and swelling from the injuries.

  • Improve posture by removing tensions that affect posture

Remedial & Sports Massage 60 minute session : $ 80

Remedial & Sports Massage 90 minute session : $ 110


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