Physio & Sports Injury Clinic

New Patients

First time to our practice?


No Referral Required

When visiting a physiotherapist for the first time, you do not require a referral from your GP or Specialist. Physiotherapists can be consulted as primary clinicians and are trained to conduct assessments, make a diagnosis and construct a management plan for you. However, we recommend you bring any relevant documents, scans or referral letters that you may have received from your GP or even a previous Physiotherapist.

Private Health and Medicare Rebates

Anyone with private health insurance is eligible for on the spot rebate through their respective insurer. Depending on the individual cover, there would be a gap payment to be made following your claim.

Medicare does not cover physiotherapy sessions, however, if you have a Care Plan from you GP, you are eligible for physiotherapy rebates following your session. Our staff would be happy to guide you further should you have any other queries regarding the rebates.

What to Expect at the Session

The initial consult is a 40 minute session which includes assessment of your condition, forming a diagnosis and the most appropriate management plan to get you back to normal. Follow up sessions are required in majority of the conditions as it is vital to resolve the cause of your problem, rather than just the symptoms (Pain, stiffness etc.)

While constructing your management plan, our clinician will outline treatment goals best suited to the prognosis of your particular condition to aid in optimum recovery.

All appointments can be Booked Online which allows you to choose a time convenient to you!