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MSK Enrolment Form

Enrolment Details

 Step 1 to Enrolment

To start your Enrolment for the 1 on 1 MSK Sessions you can initially pay a deposit of $ 400 and the remaining can be paid at the Venue during your face to face training sessions.

Deposit can be made at the details below:

Account Name: HSD Sports Health

BSB: 013350

Account Number: 468089389

Step 2 to Enrolment and Booking

Following your Enrolment to the course, we will provide you with self study material that will be required for your upcoming face to face session. Please keep in mind that the sessions do require some self study prior to attending as that will further strengthen your confidence. After you have made a deposit you can book in your first face to face session by Clicking Here.

You can book all five sessions on days that suit you throughout the week from Monday to Saturday.

For any questions or confusion regarding Enrolment and attendance, please message me on 0450078463 and I will contact you for assistance.