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Injury Prevention Program


Injury Prevention


An injury that occurs suddenly, such as a sprained or rolled ankle caused by an awkward landing, is known as an acute injury. On the other hand Chronic injuries are caused by repeated overuse of muscle groups or joints and mainly include cramps, tears and strains.


What is an Injury Prevention Program?

Injury Prevention Programs are exercise programs that are designed to address any abnormal musculoskeletal strength, balance, agility and flexibility factors that may predispose individuals to injury, specially if they are active or involved in sports.  At SportsHealth Physio we are identify these imbalances and deficiency in biomechanics, strength and based on the findings we design an individualized exercises and injury prevention program to address these issues to optimize performance and significantly reduce risk of a future injury.

If you are an active individual or involved in any kind of sporting activity, it is recommended that you undergo an Injury Prevention Program to address any strength, balance or range of motion deficits in order to reduce the risk of future injury.

How are they designed for individuals?

During an appointment, we undertake a thorough assessment .



How long should I follow a program?

We recommend that you follow the injury prevention program designed for you for as long as you are involved in sports, running or any other outdoor activity. In addition to prevention of injury